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Aggelos Gketsis


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Angelos Getsis was born 1997 in Arta, Greece. Son of merchant Loretta Retsa and journalist Kwstas Gketsis. Since he was young he showed a tremendous interest in technology, to the point that he was taking apart anything electronic in his house to discover what was "hiding" inside it. He finished elementary and high school in Arta. During his high school years he started building his first devices, with one of them being the PEACE device(2014), for which he was awarded in the Google Science Fair in July of the same year. Since then he has taken part in many Tech Conferences, first of them being TEDx Athens, in November 2014, where his speech gave him the best comments from both the participants and organizers of the event. He was then invited as a speaker from the Greek Student Society of Imperial College to give a speech about innovations during the economic crisis, as a perspective that could stimulate the Greek economy. Last September he was a lead speaker on Athens Maker Faire held at the Exhibition Center of Peristeri.