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Antonis Ηalkias


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He was born in Olympus of Karpathos, he was born in 1956. He studied scenography at the Stavrakos School, with teacher Tasos Zografos and Petros Kapouralis. He has written more than 100 plays, musical programs and operas. In Cinema he has been honored with a stage design at the Thessaloniki Film Festival with the film 'Karavan Serai'. He has designed many TV series among them and MEGA 'The Island' last production. He had the technical supervision of the ceremony of the Ministry of Culture on the Acropolis 'millennium 2000'. Since 1998 he has served as the Technical Director of the National Opera and resigned in the summer of 2006 disagreeing and denouncing the administration for "architectural" violations-illegalities at the Olympia Theater. He managed architecturally 7 central music scenes in Athens and he is a volunteer scholar of the reconstruction of the National Theater of Rhodes. He teaches scenography in a dramatic school. He fights to preserve the architecture and the intangible heritage of his place!