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Eutixis Androulakis


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Eftychios Androulakis was born in Chania, Crete and studied Agricultural Technician at TEI of Heraklion. From 2012 he decided to deal with the family estates and to extract olive oil of the highest nutritional value ... something like a medicine (like the name he gave, PAMAKO, the name from Linear II and the ideograms for the medicine), had been described as kouzoulos, that means, very crazy in Crete as he had decided to go olive oil production one, two and three stages of improvement below ... And all these from an endemic Cretan variety, the tsounati that was forgotten by time and people. The creator of PAMAKO, though from a child, went with his father to the family estates, to the olive trees in the rocky mountainous area Selinou of Chania, Crete, next to Ancient Elyro. The olive trees are located at an altitude of 500 to 800 meters and some of them are up to 1,300 years old! Through these trees, it has brought back the variety of tsounati to the surface, trees aged 100 years and over and height from 10 to 18 meters! Trees with history, with knowledge not transported 4-5 generations back.