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Georgia Nika, Dora Psaltopoulou


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Georgia Nika Georgia Nika is a special education music therapist and music therapist MA, lives and works in Larissa, where she is the co-director of the "To Logotypo" special treatment center. From the earliest years of her work in Music, she realized that Music could very well be a means of creating, expressing, communicating, and even treating even if verbal communication is non-existent! Her first contact with Musical Therapy took place in the UK under the supervision of Dr Helen Odell-Miller OBE, while attending a training program at the Nordoff-Robbins Musical Center in London. She then completed a postgraduate course in Musicology from the Thessaloniki College of Music in collaboration with the University of New York. Proceed to Postgraduate Studies in Mental Health in TEI Thessaly, while in 2018 she graduated from the Masters Program of the University of Macedonia regarding the direction of Musical Therapy, under the supervision of Dr. Dora Psalopoulou. She participates actively in various programs while she is mainly active in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation of patients with injured or infected marrow through Musical Therapy. Dora Psalopoulou-Kamini Assistant Professor, MSc, AUTh, in the subject: Music therapy in special education. Musical psychotherapist PhD, MA-CMT. With the deep conviction that all people can learn music, regardless of 'talent' or professional career, Dora Psalopoulou-Kaminis, from her teen years, has begun to explore and create person-centered approaches to music teaching with particularly positive results in psychosomatic development of the student. Ten years later she discovered music therapy and went on to postgraduate studies at the New York University in New York and later on a doctoral dissertation titled "Musical creative expression as a therapeutic tool for children with emotional disturbances" (AUTH). Since 1992 she has begun her pioneering work to create and establish the profession of music therapy in our country, which has been appreciated and honored by the international community with a relevant publication in the first volume of the electronic book The Life of Music Therapists. Profiles in Creativity (2017, Barcelona Publishers). In collaboration with the New York University Graduate Program and the Music College of Thessaloniki, she has been conducting educational programs for Music Therapy, postgraduate, with international recognition and promotion (1996-2015) in Thessaloniki and Athens. Within the framework of the program, she has established long-term scientific collaborations with public and private institutions for the care of people with disabilities, where she has contributed substantially to the creation of music therapy establishments and to the creation of jobs for music therapists. She is a scientific associate of the adolescent unit of the Third Psychiatric Clinic of AHEPA and the "Therapeutics of Chronic Diseases" in Trikala. Since 2011 she is a member of the Faculty of Music Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She also teaches graduate programs at the Universities of Thessaly, Nicosia, TEI of Larissa, as well as in the only graduate program of Music Therapy of the University of Macedonia. It supervises practitioners and trainee music therapists as well as verbal psychotherapists and psychoanalysts. She is a founding member of the Hellenic Association for Music Education (EYME) and the Hellenic Association of Qualified, Graduate Professional Music therapists (ESAME, SPEM). She is a professional member of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), in which she has the title of Certified Music Therapist (CMT). She is a regular member of the Freud Company, where she has completed her psychoanalysis training. She participates as a speaker at international conferences and her research fields are related to music therapy for people with disabilities, musicians, music therapy education, social music therapy, music therapy in medicine and music pedagogy. She is a writer in two electronic-academic writings: Music Therapy: The Third Road. and Communication in Music - Therapy - Education. Approach CO.M.P.A.S.S., 2015. Publisher: Kallimos.