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Hlias Kounelas

Ένας τρόπος να μην τα καταφέρεις

Would you give your life for something you know from the beginning it would’t happen? I would give mine.


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I am an actor and I spend my mornings in the public hospitals of Attica.I perform for adults patients with a fellow actress, Ifigeneia Griva. This action is funded by the National Theater and is usually addressed to one patient at a time. We have exceeded the number of 400 plays watched by patients in the final stage. At noon I teach acting to new actors at drama schools.My lesson is called "Clown - a course on failure" and deals with things that actors dislike on themselves. Actually this course would be useful for politicians or journalists. In the evenings I perform in several houses of Athens with a graduate student of mine called Panagiotis Kammenos. We have created a performance that takes place only in houses. We only have one condition which is the existence of some unknown spectators. The hosts continue to open their houses so we have overcome the number of 200 houses and that’s the reason the “8th day” (that’s the name of our act) continues its journey. Let’s talk about the past and the future now.