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Maria Karekla


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Dr. Maria Karekla holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University at Albany, SUNY with a specialisation in Anxiety Disorders and Health Psychology. Currently holds the position of Assistant Professor for Clinical Psychology at the University of Cyprus and she is responsible for the ACTHealthy lab: Laboratory of Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, while she is a key member in the development of the doctoral level clinical psychology program. She actively and systematically participates in psychological research projects that have received awards by (among others) the European council and Pompidou’s group, and the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy. Her research focuses on areas of health promotion and the investigation of individual difference factors (especially experiential avoidance) as they relate to the development and maintenance of various forms of psychopathology (especially anxiety disorders and health related problems). She is a member of the clinical psychology and school psychology program development committees at the University of Cyprus. Maria is currently a member of the European Awarding Committee for the specialization of psychotherapy of EFPA and has served as a liaison of the Cyprus Psychologists Association to numerous subcommittees and task forces of EFPA. A number of her research projects have received local, EU and other funding. Dr. Karekla’s “ACTHealthy: Anxiety disorders and Health Psychology” research laboratory has cooperated with other institutions, business and bodies both in Cyprus and abroad on numerous project.