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Nicolas Smyrnakis

Οι άλλοι είμαστε εμείς


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Nicolas Smyrnakis is a writer, success coach, founder of IslandofMan success philosophy. He studied in Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and holds an MBA degree (International MBA – AUEB). For several years he was teaching the course “Strategy and Innovation” in a private college. His work is free online. He has distinguished himself in three literature contests (poetry, novel, short story). He has received two internet awards (e-awards)in the categories “Article 2011” and “Writing work 2011” (collective e-book). Through his seminars in Greece and abroad, he has taught the success principles to thousands of people. He is trusted by important private and public organizations that wish to increase their effectiveness. Through tested strategies, hemotivates people to find their purpose, to create their personal vision, to increase their self-confidence, to overcome their fears, to fight their negative habits, to improve their relationships, to postpone their procrastination, to achieve their goals, to bring out the leader inside them, to be led to total change and development in every aspect of their lives. His last book “Success was hidden in my bedside table” (advice, quotations and strategies for an exceptional life” is released by DIOPTRA publishing. His vision is to help people all around the world to find their own vision and accouter them with the mediums needed to fulfill it. For more information visit