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Pavlos Kastanas


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He studied Physics at the University of Athens and has a Master in Astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London, where he graduated. He has been involved with education in private tertiary education as a lecturer at Derby University, teaching undergraduate science courses (Physics, Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics) as well as secondary education as a Physics and Chemistry professor . He was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of London, and for his educational work he was awarded the "Academic Staff Recognition and Excellence Award" in 2015 by Mediterranean College. He has created the "Astronio" channel to bring astronomy and the science closer to the Greek public. As he states, "The scientific discoveries of recent years are particularly impressive and have radically changed the way we see the world. However, I am particularly concerned that a huge part of both the Greek and the global public are completely ignorant of the new brilliant world that is revealed to our eyes. " His goal is using his channel to put a small brick into the great building of science communication and allow more people to become acquainted with the beauty of the science.