Kailoglou Kimon


Communicator, Music Lover, Adventure hunter

Athanasios Valsamopoulos

Co-organizer, Sponsors Team

Full of Energy, Team Player, Nature Lover, Adventure Seeker

Georgantopoulos Kostis

Speakers Team

Creative, broad - minded, quick learner, enthusiastic, in love with the sea

Gkountoumas Filippos

Developers Team

Knowledgeable,inventive,candid with an unconventional way of life

Grigoriadou Anastasia

Speakers team

Love dancing and drawing

Ilias Chiefjian

Sponsors Team


Kandilorou Fotini

Sponsors Team

I’m a very sociable person, who likes working in a team. I believe i am creative and i always provide new ideas and solutions.

Kapatsori Maria Tina

Social Media Team

Love for architecture, sociable, cooperative

Koutsikou Vasiliki

Venue Team

I’ m passionate about art and dancing.I am sociable and a big dreamer.

Leontidis Leonidas

Co-organizer - Social Media - Communications, Editorial and Marketing Director

Curious, Imaginative, Cooperative, Diligent

Christos Manousos

Sponsors Team

Skewering everything with his flippant shenanigans.

Μarialena Asproudi

Speakers team

Adventure enthusiast

Polygenis Anastasios

Speakers team

Social , Desicive , Cooperative

Tsiftsian Archontia

Social Media Manage

Sociable, Team player, Excited for new adventures and trips

Cossio Claudio

Speakers Team

Τhodoris Chronopoulos

Director of Sponsors Team

Light Seeker

Malevri Georgina

Venue Team

Apostolou Marina

Design Team

Playing music takes me to my happy-place.

Beldekou Andriana

Speakers Team

Getting the most out of life. Nature lover, passionate about etxreme sports and adventures.

Panos Chronopoulos

Co-organizer, Sponsors Team

Hyperactive, team oriented, efficient, problem solver

Dimitrios Kousis

Visual Communication Designer

Designer of my own catastrophe, with a mess of unfinished thoughts.

Manos Helidonis

Design Team

Love Life Like Crazy